Selective and Responsible Sourcing

We offer the best in fresh roasted specialty coffee. We source responsibly and selectively. We go beyond FTO and work with responsible and conscientious importers. Here's an interesting article that explains a little more about why we've avoided direct trade: This is certainly an ongoing debate in the coffee community. Most roasters are too small to faithfully purchase entire crops from farmers while an importer can sustain that relationship. Farmers that are willing to trade directly with roasters can be left holding the bag when they're forced to sell their crops piecemeal.

Blends can be a complex and delicious flavor balance, but it's also a way to hide old or bad beans or blend in cheaper beans to pad profits. We're proud of every single bean that we roast, and we know exactly where it came from.

We are tireless in our search for quality ingredients for our other products. We focus on natural, organic, fair trade, women-produced and/or local products, and we never cut corners. The quality of our products in our utmost concern. We foster relationships with small, private vendors whenever possible.

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