Linkumpinch Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee
Ridley Roasthouse

Linkumpinch Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee

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Linkumpinch Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee is a partnership between Ridley Roasthouse and Dueling Grounds Distillery of Franklin, KY. We’ve combined our two high quality small batch products to create a truly exceptional cup of coffee. This organic light roast coffee is of Papua New Guinea origin. It has medium acidity, creamy body, sweet caramel, vanilla, fruit, oak with a smooth bourbon finish.

We start with a freshly emptied bourbon barrel that has aged Dueling Grounds Distillery’s Linkumpinch Kentucky Straight Bourbon for 4 years. The barrel is made of white American oak and has a #3 char.

Next, we add our fair trade organic raw coffee beans to the barrel. The beans are rolled and aged in the barrel for several weeks, soaking up all the delicious flavors and aromas from the barrel.

Finally, the beans are lightly roasted to produce an incredibly smooth, rich cup with a complex flavor profile and bourbon finish.

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